So basically here’s the deal.

I wrote this (or most of it) and I took (most) of the pictures. So if you want to share it, great! Go right ahead. I encourage it.

There’s only one catch (or maybe a couple).

Please properly attribute it.
I’m not looking for fame and fortune, or anything like that (well a little fame would be alright 🙂 ).
Just be honest and say where you got it. It’s seems like common courtesy / common sense.

I’ll do my best to try and give due credit where it’s needed. Just please do the same please.
(on that note if you find anything I’ve failed to credit, just let me know)

The other stipulation is don’t alter it and repost it (unless you ask first).
I mean if I was wandering the web and found something I wrote, but instead of my ending it ends with zombies going crazy on everyone, I’d be a little chapped (depending on the type of zombies of course, like the slow lumbering ones, or the kind that runs).

Thirdly, don’t make money off it (unless I get my cut 😉 ). I don’t want you selling it to someone (not that I think someones gonna pay alot for it), meanwhile I’m broke and living under a bridge somewhere (thank goodness for wi-fi hotspots 🙂 ).
Or you could commit the most heinous crime imaginable and include my works in and advertisement for wal-mart (or some other equally anti-Christ-like organization). This would be horrible, yet you may get away with it because the moment I saw it I would probably have a fatal brain aneurism (you don’t want me to die, do you?). Please Don’t Do It!

So as I said, it’s kind of common sense, but for the sake of caution this is my policy.

Thanks for checking it out.

Question: Do I need to get all officious and put a “creative commons” or “myfreecopyright” on this? Or is this good enough?



4 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Namaste,

    My name is Andrea. I am new to your site. In fact, I was googling a Sacred Geometry symbol that I can use to create a logo for my new company and was drawn to one on your site. I am starting a nutritional supplement company to meet the needs of people with multiple food allergies who require Kosher and Halal certification. The products are non-gmo and sustainably sourced. The deeper mission is to simply promote well-being. I believe this symbol is appropriate for this mission. I am interested in the one you have titled “106-endre-balogh”. Is it ok to use this symbol either as part of a logo or just as it is? Of course once I have funds available I am willing to pay you for it. Could you also provide more information about this symbol?

    Also, you can learn about my mission on Indiegogo. Here is the link:

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Be well.

    1. Hi Andrea,
      thanks for getting in touch. Looks like a great project you’re working on.
      I wish you all the best!
      As for the image you mentioned, I do not own the copyright for it. It is from the artist Endre Balogh.
      A talented individual with many amazing pieces.

      If you’d like to use the image you can get in touch with him @

      or on facebook:

      You can also purchase his works @

      Hope everything turns out well for you.


  2. You have copyright info on your site yet you use others copyright material. Your image of Saturn is from the artist at … he is very talented and a great person. Please show him the same courtesy as you ask… go to his site and ask his permission.

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