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Oh, hello there!

Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy it, and find something to your liking.

My name is Tyler. And I am more or less a “regular” guy. Or at least I was.

Over the last few years (and especially the last few months) I have had (and continue to have) experiences which have drastically changed my world view. Some might say “mystical,” I usually say “spiritual.”

At first I refrained from telling anyone about these events. I feared ridicule and judgement.

But I have since learned the nature of fear (and love) and learned it’s impact on our lives. What it does to us, what it prevents us from accomplishing.

I have since decided that fear will no longer be the controlling factor in my life. Love will be. Unconditional love.

I have since realized that I am not alone in this. Far from it. In fact you may be experiencing it as well, and you may or may not realize that you are.

We are in the midst of a spiritual renaissance.

I feel it in myself and I see it those around me. I see it when I stumble through the interwebs. I experience it when my mind is still and I allow love into my heart. I recognize it in the endless cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. I appreciate it in every moment.

It is here. And it’s waiting for You.

You just have to open your eyes. (Which may involve closing the two that rest in your skull)

There is a path at each of our feet. We may not yet see it, but it is there, take the first step and it will begin to show itself to you.

So walk with me a while. Let us share a few moments together on this journey.

We will both be the richer for it.