Lunar Libations

Full Moon in Aquarius

A new cycle has come around.
The moon makes another turn around the earth.

We stand here gazing up at the lighted orb,

The moon’s gleaming face.

I contemplate her existence as I ponder my own.

Our lives inextricable connected.

One does not exist separate from one’s environment.

We are our environment.

Observer and observed are one.


By the light of the moon.

A time for change.

A new cycle begins.


Death and Rebirth.

We are reborn.


I must bid farewell to the old parts of me, that person I used to be.

He is passing away from this world.

His habits and preconceptions are falling away.
His old lines of thinking are breaking, are being erased.

The Ego that we often think of as the ‘Self’
is merely a construct.
It is not ‘I’.
It simply exists as a set of reactions to stimulus.
Repetition causes them to be ingrained.
They stop being conscious action,
They become unconscious reactions.
Patterns of thought and action,
That no longer conform to ‘Purpose’.


When the old self stands in the way of the rebirth,
of the embracing of change,
of the growth of individual,
and community,
they must be discarded.

They must be put to death.


Death is not to be feared.

It simply is.

It is the natural progression of all life.

In our perspective everything begins and subsequently ends.

This is the linear view we have, in this linear life we lead.

And yet,
appearances sometimes deceive.

We perceive a linear world because we live linearly.
On a line.
With beginning and end.

We fail to see the grandness of the true reality.

The eternal sea.

The pure potential of the energy stream that is the true shape of all things.


It spreads out from the source,infinity1
and flows outward to source.

Beginning is End.
End is Beginning.

Α is Ω

Alpha is Omega.


So this end of the old,
this death of the old self,
is merely a beginning,
of a new beginning.

Depending on how you look at it.


So as the luminous moon crosses the sky in the house of Aquarius,
I contemplate the new beginnings.

The old deaths,
the new births.

My Rebirth.

Our Rebirth.Full Moon Photo

For I am as you,
as you are to me.

One is in All,
as the All is in One.

We are One.

Let us embrace the new beginning,
as we bathe in the light of the moon.

Let us drink deeply,
on Moon’s pale light.


and Goodnight

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