New Directions

The Way Forward…

So with the idea of new beginnings (see 13 is 1), I’ve decided to work out an measure of order to the chaos that is this blog, and The Book of Face.

Things have mostly just followed a chronological order, with everything being lumped under a couple broad categories.

But looking at things I begin to see themes taking form.
And so I’ve decided to group those ideas into the various books of The Book.

I’ve decided to continue to follow the idea of a biblical manuscript, with it’s various chapters and verses. But now it will be divided into books within the book, still going with the biblical theme.

So here’s a brief overview of how that will look:

  • Genesis

    The beginnings, the foundations, the science behind the spirit, and the history behind the belief.
    This is where my research has led me, where I discuss the patterns of life that have shown me what we are and where we belong. It will delve into where the ideas have come from and touch on how they have changed over time.
    This is where we’ll get into discussions of fractal symmetry, sacred geometry, spirals and waves (and all that fun stuff).

  • The Commandments

    These will be the immutable laws of life in the 21st century.
    Basically it’s a series of rants and tirades that will discuss the 21st century ethic.
    Since more and more of our life is being acted out on the theatre of the interwebs we need a set of rules/guidelines for how to behave and function cohesively and happily in this brave new world.
    This will discuss our online (and real life, IRL) behaviours, what we should and shouldn’t do.
    All told in the format of “Thou Shall (Not) …”
    What makes me the ultimate authority on this subject?
    Well, nothing really, apart from pondering deeply and making my best attempts to act with compassion and wisdom, I don’t really have any credentials to back up my views.
    So that’s why these commandments allow comments.
    We can discuss these ideas. Read my position, think upon it, and decide if you think there’s any truth or wisdom in the words.
    These commandments aren’t written on a stone slab, they’re floating upon a sea of ideas called the internets.
    Stone sinks to the bottom, these float, and we can attach a rudder and sail this ship to a brighter horizon.
    (that analogy is so beautifully cliche 🙂 )

  • Lamentations

    The world is a lie.
    We’re looking at a glossed over facade, underneath lies the cold hard truth.
    The inequalities, the injustices, the disparity.
    We’re told that we’re the envoys of peace and justice in the world, but in fact we often are the instruments of the propagation of other’s suffering.
    But the first step in making real and impactful change, is being aware that there is a problem.
    We need to open our eyes to the reality of the world in which we live.
    Awareness is key to moving forward.
    So here we take a moment to lament the death of our innocence.
    To look at ourselves and the world honestly, and sometimes painfully, without the screen of propaganda and indoctrination that blinds our eyes.
    It’s gonna hurt at first, but it’s necessary for our growth as individuals and as a species.
    It’s time to grow up.

  • The Book of Job Vincent

    This is the story, the story of a life. A human’s struggle to find a purpose and direction in the world.
    To find a sense of meaning to the madness.
    It’s the daily inspirations. The mundane turned profound.
    The struggles and the joy.
    It’s a personal story, and yet it’s a story about us all.
    Because when you get down to it, we’re not so different.
    And we’re all in this together.

  • Revelations

    The moments of Divine Clarity.
    Those moments of profound spiritual realization.
    The Divine can be seen in every moment of everyday, but there are those moments of Revelation, when one can see beyond the everyday awareness and can glimpse ‘the shape of all things’.
    There are many names for this, all attempting to describe the same thing; Samadhi, Ego-death, seeing the Face of God, Fanaa, etc.
    These are merely names to describe an indescribable experience, a moment of commune with the Divine.
    I have had experiences such as these, moments so intensely profound that I was unable to describe them for a very long time. In Revelations I will attempt to express these experiences in words…

So that’s how things will take form for the time being.
As this is a fluid endeavor the categories / books may change with time. New ones may be added and names may be changed, but for now this is the layout of The Book of Face.

I hope that you’ll join me on this journey.

Namaste and Thank you.


And remember this is a communal effort.
So feel free to comment and we can discuss these ideas.
Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?
There’s a little box below for all of that good stuff. ↓

After all, we’re all in this together 🙂

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