Escape of the Butterfly

Traveller’s Log
Star Date: 211.15

Sometimes paradise can hold you prisoner…



The island life had treated me well.
The days spent in pleasant relaxation.
The company was great, and the weather quite fine.

And yet there was something tugging at my soul.
A need, a longing to be free, to see the world.

The island paradise had become a prison.
My bagne.
It was lulling me into the easy life.
I could have stayed there forever.

But the urge was too strong, it couldn’t be ignored.
I had to get out.


It was time for a cavale.


I made my plans.


I would make my way to the far side of the island.
Find someone to transport me there, without raising suspicion.


There, where the ships came to port, I would secure my passage.
My ticket off this island prison paradise.

I would just slip aboard amidst the comings and goings.
Once aboard I just had to lay low, blend in, play the part.

The journey to the mainland shouldn’t take long.
On the other side I would disembark among the others.

From there it was just a matter of getting transport to the train station.
There I could hop a train heading north. Then the thousand kilometre overland journey to Bangkok.

Once I was there I could find a place in China town. I could be totally lost in that swirling mass of people.
Then Koh San Road, that place where anything is available for a price.
I could buy a new identity, the identity of a free man.

It was air-tight.
I had exactly enough funds in my plan.


Freedom, I could taste it!



The Cavale

I found a man to take me to the eastern side of the island.
I was told he was a man I could trust.
He was quiet, didn’t ask any questions, a good thing, too many questions can lead to complications.


He delivered me as promised without any extortion.
Albeit a little later that planned.
I had missed my boat.
All was not lost, another was scheduled to depart in a few hours.

I set about finding sustenance.
I was able to be feed myself with a minimal amount of effort.
A tasty meal of spiced rice and lamb. Bananas for dessert.

The time came for the next boat.
I boarded just before they pulled up the loading ramp.
I sat and kept silent, no need to draw attention to myself.


The ride went smoothly and I was on the mainland a short time later.
I was behind schedule, but I should still make it in time to catch the northbound train as it passed through the station.

I was briefly questioned when leaving the docks, but was able to feign ignorance and was allowed to pass.

I met my contact on the mainland. He directed me to the man who would take me where I needed to go.
The man had a good look about him. I felt he was trustworthy. He seemed a good mec.


We drove through the country side, and arrived at Arau in short order.

It was quiet, almost too quiet.

I was dropped off and the driver left quickly.

Well, I made it, with a little time to spare.

My cavale was going according to plan.

Or so I thought…



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