Singapore sans Underwear

Traveller’s Log
Star Date: January 23, 2015


I’ve decided to stop wearing underwear.

It wasn’t a premeditated decision.
It didn’t start with a thought: I’m through with underpants.

It was more organic than that.


It was post shower.

I was lounging in a towel. It felt good.

I needed something to eat. I’m hungry.

Curse these social norms of wearing pants in public. What ever happened to togas?

I decided that sustenance was more important than the breeze on my cojones. Barely. (Pun intended?)

Alright I’ll get dressed, but I’m only going downstairs, so I’m just going to throw on some shorts and a t-shirt. Compromise.

I went down to the lobby to see if breakfast was served. I could use a coffee.

I asked the man at the desk if food was available, through a combination of English and Sign Language. My Malay is a little rusty (non-existent).

Either they didn’t have food, or he didn’t understand me. Or both.

He handed me a map. Misunderstanding or subtle hint?

Well I’m halfway there better keep going. Sans underwear.

I head down the street. Man is it hot!

I feel pretty alright though. The air flow!

I could get used to this. Yes I could.


And from that moment on I decided underwear was optional. At least for the time being (you know, it being the tropics and all).

Really it’s just economical. Think of the savings on laundry.

It’s eco-friendly. Save the planet, use less water.

It’s humanitarian. No Bangladeshi children sewing my drawers.

It’s really a selfless act. I’m going commando for you. 

It might even be Saintly. Did Gandhi wear boxer-briefs? (Only if he made them himself {Home-spun FTW!})

Yep, I feel pretty good about this decision. Ahh, feel that breeze.


Traveller’s Log


Guess which ones were taken with my boys in the breeze.

Until next time,


and safe travels.

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