Thoughts on the Life I Live…

Book of Face: Ch. 11, Verses 87-92

Thoughts on the life I live…

I have moments when I look at myself, my life, my accomplishments with a sense of denigration.

I see all my failings; my fears, my apparent lack of direction, my financial woes, my need for the help of others…
I compare myself to those around me, I look to their success, and see where I am lacking.

I focus on all the negatives, all the ways in which I think I could be a better man.

In times such as these I am bereft of hope.

The mountain to climb is too high.
The river to cross is too wide.
The distance too far.
The road too long.

I slip silently into depression…

But then a moment comes, what triggers it may be inconsequential; it may be an off-hand word from a friend, a random thought from the back of my mind, a ray of sunlight in a darkened room…
It’s simply a change of perspective.

I change my way of thinking, I look at my life from a new angle, and suddenly the entire view is changed.

My life is not to be compared to others, my path is my own, my battles are mine own, my success are only in contrast to my own struggles.

And in this moment I see my life as the beautiful adventure that it is.

I see the roads I have travelled, the hardships overcome, the mountains already climbed, the rivers already crossed…

I can then see my own strengths, the strength I believed I did not possess. I see the joys I have felt, and the joys I have shared with others. I see that the love I give has value, and the love I receive is real and genuine.
And in this moment I am grateful.

I am overcome with a sense of utter gratitude for all that I have.
I realize how fortunate I truly am, how fortunate we all are.
For we are alive.

We exist in this world of senses and sensory.
We have the gift of life.
And we are sharing this experience of the universe.

We feel the sun on our faces, the rain on our skin.
We feel hot. We feel cold.
We feel happy and we feel sad.
We feel…
We are…

And that is truly beautiful.


and may you always remember haw amazing your life truly is.

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