Another year…

How quickly time flies.

It seemed as though I just stared this journey, and yet here I am, one year later.
Yep this blog is officially one year old.
And coincidentally, I am also one year older. Funny how that works.


It’s been an experience.
It’s been a journey of ups and downs.
I remember posts where I felt like the king of the world, and others where I felt the lowest of the low.
But that’s just it, this roller coaster called life.
But if it wasn’t for the hard climbs, there wouldn’t be the inevitable rush of the drop.
Those loopy-loops where you seem to move forward and end up right where you started.
But it’s not right where you started, you just had an experience that rocked you world, the exhilarating feeling of hanging upside down, and shifting back right side up.
It’s all part of the experience.


Here I am about to embark on a new part of my journey. A new rush. A new experience.

In just over one week’s time I will be leaving my snowy home, the place that I was born and raised and spent the vast majority of my life.
I will be embarking on an adventure to the far side of the world. A place unlike any that I have been before…
For the next 6 months I will have a new ‘home’…

A home in Vietnam.


I will be riding a new roller coaster.
It will have it’s unique ups and downs.
I will see things I have never seen before, meet new people, have new experiences.
New… the operative word.
It is what I am thirsting for.
What my life requires for me to enter the next stage. It is a beginning.

What will I see? What will I do?
The truth is… I don’t really know.
I’m going there with a backpack of belongings, a guitar case in hand, and a wish for adventure.
And I’ll see what comes of it…

We’ll see what comes of it.

“Happiness is only real when shared.”

And share I shall.
Because if there is only one thing that comes from this journey, it will be inspiration. Solar_Granulation_Used_Quill

So until then,
I send my best wishes to you.
Thanks for being a part of this, and I hope you can join me in the next stage of this journey.


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