Lunar Libations – #1

I sat there gazing at that orb in the sky.
It beamed down on me in all it’s glory.

Full Moon Photo

The Full Moon.

It was a strange feeling…
Less like I was gazing at some foreign body thousands of miles away,
And more like I was staring at a reflection of myself.
Like the truest version of myself was looking back at me.

It was asking me, why do you choose to be weak?
Why do you continue down this same path when you know you are capable of so much more,
you are meant for so much more?

It had no sympathy for me,
You know the answers, why do you feign such ignorance?
You can’t fool me.

It wasn’t malicious,
It was concern.

I don’t want to be that old man saying, I wish I had tried…

I won’t be that man.
I refuse.

I will walk the path I know awaits me.
That path that is walked by the strong.

Leave regret to the weak.

Be strong.
Be the best you that you can be.

Life is lived by the strong.
Life passes by the weak.

I am strong.
Stronger than I pretend to be.

The time for pretending is over.
It is time to live.
Time for strength.

I have been dormant for too long.

Wake up.

Time to live.

A promise was made by the light of the full moon…

A promise to live a life of strength…

A promise to truly live…

A promise I will keep…


… for we are wolves among sheep.

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