The connections that we make.

It’s amazing the random encounters that can happen when we do the unexpected,
when we follow our instincts,
when we don’t give into fear.

Take a chance.

You see someone who catches your attention.

You feel drawn to them.

Move. Take action. Talk to them.

Who knows what could happen. But you’ll never know if you never try.


I saw her,
Her eyes drawn to mine,
And mine drawn to hers,
I tried to find my words,

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Some wine would be nice.”

I feel self-conscious,
Am I reading this right?

Some force keeps pulling my attention to her.
As I move around the room, my eyes keep darting back.

I catch glimpses of her eyes, finding mine, quick moments in time.

Am I thinking wishfully, wistfully,
for a connection not quite there?

Eyes meeting briefly,
I secretly,
Want to speak to you,
Away from all this formality,
Away from all the banality,
Words connecting deeper,
With who we really are.

What do I say?
Our relation is business,
But I don’t want to finish,
With a “Have a nice day.”

I want to say,
I want to say,
So much more.

A moment alone,
Just us amid the sea of moving bodies.

What do you do?
What makes you, you?

Coming so easily,
Have we really just met?

I’m interested,
and Enraptured.
You’ve captured,
My attention,
And my affection.

By her.

A moment ends,
You must go,
And for a time,
I must stay.

So I say,
“Perhaps I’ll see you
again some day.”

A smile,
“A pleasure to have met you.”

We turn and walk away,
About to leave it that way,
What more can I say?

I go about my business,
My mind in a trance,
By chance,

My mind still tangled to you,
What is it that I should do?

Take a chance.

Nothing accomplished without risk,
Nothing without boldness,
Without a gamble.

You are moving to the door,
I reach you just before,

“If you are free sometime,
you should drop me a line.”

I hand you the paper,
Written with digits.

You smile.

You pull from your pocket,
A similar slip,
Written with digits,

“I was going to say the same.”


Oh the connections we make,
Whether by chance or by fate,
When right from the start.
We followed our heart.


Fear & Doubt,
It holds us back,
Misguides out track,
No holding back.


Follow your heart.


No holding back,
Not ever.





Follow your heart.



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