Exactly What I Needed, Right When I Needed It – Part 2

The City by the Sea

We arrived as day was fading.
The pink and yellow of the western horizon was reflecting off the glass spires.
The bay was a rippled mirror for the sky, emulating it’s colours, like an echo of the heavens.

The City by the Sea

After all those miles I had finally made it to the sea, ready to embark on the next leg of this journey. Whatever that may be.

It was shocking. We had just descended the last of the mountain ranges. We had seen snow our entire journey, then suddenly, like the lifting of a veil it was gone. We were suddenly in an world of vibrant green.
How long had it been since I had seen green? My own home had been under a thick blanket of snow for nearly half a year. It was hard to fathom that it had been so long. What does that do to the psyche? I wondered… I can’t imagine it’s good.
I felt like I had been in hibernation for months, my body and mind just now beginning to shake off the cobwebs of winter.

I was watching the country side roll by, transfixed.
Did I just see a flower?! No I must be imagining things. Wait! There it was, another one! Amazing.

We crossed over the newly constructed bridge and entered what one could call Vancouver. Although we were still on the “outskirts,” we had passed through the suburban wasteland into what could be called a city. We hadn’t even reached downtown and we had already passed more high rises than were in my hometown.

We took a circuitous route to reach our destination, attempting to avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic that was forming on most routes. It had the added bonus of taking us on a scenic journey through downtown.

Light was rapidly fading as we made our way, dusk becoming night.
The light of the sun gradually gave way to the light of street lamps, mankind’s time to shine.
An interesting thing to think about, how once nightfall meant darkness, now it represents a new kind of light. A light not shining down from the heavens, a light shining up from the ground, our answer to the sun. Us collectively saying to the stars and moon, “hey, we can shine to!”
Little stars strewn upon the Earth’s surface.

We threaded our way along the city’s streets.
We kept out ourselves alert, watching for signs to point us in the right direction.
“Was that Expo?”
“Look Quebec, turn here.”
“Pacific, we’re on the right track.”
“Davie, that’s it!”

We pulled up to a large castle-like structure, red bricked and white trimmed. I hopped out.
I bid farewell to my travelling companion, her adventures lay elsewhere.

I walked up to the castle and was greeted by a wonderful smiling face and a warm embrace.

Here I was.
The City by the Sea.

What pleasures awaited me by the seashore?
Stay tuned for part 3 – A Saunter by the Seashore

Until then,

Part 1 available here.

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