What is Saturn’s Return?

What is Saturn’s Return?

How about we start with where I learned about it?

I was wandering through the interwebs.
I cam across an interesting product, Halixileh, a board game using the Flower of Life (it’s more of a brainstorming tool that a board game).
I checked the store. They had designs for all the planets. I scrolled down the list trying to pick my favourite…
There it was… Saturn.

It was strange, I had never thought about a “favourite” planet before (It’d probably be Earth, I’ve always been a fan of the home team).
But the feeling was strange. This wasn’t just “ooo, that one’s prettiest.” It was more like a magnetic attraction. I was drawn to it in a way that I can’t quite explain, it was something more than superficial.
I needed to know why.
Where could I find these answers?
Hmm, when all else fails…

Dear Google,
“Why am I drawn to Saturn?”
(I’m aware of the poor google speak…)


The god of time.

Or so the belief goes…

Saturn has a period of revolution (The time it takes to go around the sun), of approximately 10,000 days * ~ 29.4 years.

That means that Saturn is nearly in the same place as it was when I was born (in terms of relation to celestial bodies, zodiacs).

Saturn’s Return

OK so what does that mean?

I tried to find out…

Saturn’s Return brings about:

Taking stock of our life, a look at the path we’re on and if it’s the right one for us; dealing with the past, releasing grudges, facing our fears; responsibility, and the end of childhood; new ways of thinking; it is a time for moving into the next stage of our life.

This can be a tumultuous time, made even more so by not being prepared (as I am not).
It requires a long hard look at our life and what we’ve been doing, if we’ve been true.
It’s sorta like Santa is coming to town, but this time he ain’t bringing presents, he’s got a whip and he’s handing out lashes.
Lashes for those sins against ourselves, those times we weren’t true to our heart, what we knew was right.
Now we have to answer for them, we gotta look in all the dark places, bring them to light, deal with the demons in the dark.
I know that sounds terrifying, but I assure you if you do you will be the stronger and freer for it.
Leave the baggage behind, it’s not abandonment because you have to deal with it first.
You have to see, then acknowledge, then take responsibility, deal with it, and then move on.
Easier said then done, I know, I know.

It’s a gradual process, taken one step at a time, it’s about cleansing, it’s about clearing, and it’s about moving on… it’s growing.
But as each piece is broken away, you will feel lighter, and better, and more able to cope with anything that may come your way,
You are stronger than you think and you will come through the other side unscathed, you will be stronger.

So what is Saturn’s Return?

You remember when you were younger and people asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Well now we’re grown up. What do you want to be?
How do you want to be remembered? Your legacy.

That’s what it really is, it’s the transition into adulthood.
“But didn’t I do that already?”
For most of us the answer is no.
Sure we can do the “adult” things like buying houses, driving cars, drinking in bars, and voting in elections. But this is authentic adulthood.
Where we look at ourselves and ask, “am I on the right path?”
Are we following the path to true fulfilment?
That’s the question to ask ourselves. Is our life fulfilling us? Our jobs and relationships? Are we carrying emotional baggage around? Things we haven’t dealt with, that we are afraid of?
As I said, it’s a tumultuous time, filled with much confusion. So many questions.
Take the time to figure them out.

One step at a time.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

Embrace the return of Saturn.

Embrace the changes that come with it.

Change, the only true constant.



3 thoughts on “What is Saturn’s Return?

  1. If you know which of the 12 houses Saturn is in/Scorpio is in your birth chart, you will be able to go more in depth into what transitions and changes are best for you to make. Understanding what Scorpio represents will help too. (but you’re already on that track) 😉

  2. Wow, this was an amazing read!
    I heard about the Saturn’s Return from an unlikely crowd… but I do believe ones Saturn’s Return… that awakening of the consciousness… It can happen before a person is 29 right? That’s just a thought…
    Either way, it’s strange how I finally decide to look for something on the Saturn’s Return today!
    Although I’ve known about it since I was a child and I only learned that it had a name this January!
    Thanks again for the read!
    Keep shining your light!
    Peace, Love, ArcLight and Prosperity. ❤

    1. Thanks a lot! Really glad you enjoyed this 🙂
      Saturn’s Return is a period, so it can definitely start before 29, mine began around the time I turned 28 (maybe even earlier, I think that’s just when I noticed it), and I think I’m only just beginning to come out the other side, hopefully better and stronger 😉
      Thanks for reading,
      All the best!

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