I need to write.

But what shall I write?

I need words, ASAP.

I’m already late.

Late for an important date.

I accepted a challenge from a friend (or maybe I put the challenge forward, she’s just keeping me accountable).
I have to write 2 blog posts per week (minimum). elechi_pen_e2
We set days, Thursdays and Sundays.
It’s now Tuesday.
I’m late (fashionably?).

I need words.
I have ideas.
Too many ideas, too few words.

So here I am, putting words to paper (or to screen).

Where will it take me?
A journey of the mind.
A moment in time.
Something Sublime.


Slightly Sublime.

Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about this.
Let’s talk about us, you and me and a webpage.

What is this blog?
What is it’s purpose?
Why have I arrived here?

What is it?

Well it’s sort of the culmination, the collective archive, of my scattered mind.
Thoughts, poems, music, and essays on space-time.
Tales from the road, and from journeys down the rabbit hole.
Passionate pieces about what it means to be human.
Arbitrary thoughts on what we are doing.
A search for meaning, a quest for truth.
A journey to find oneself, and a place in this world.

This is the forum for the collective unconscious.
The place where minds meet.
Faceless and ephemeral.
We are who we make ourselves to be.
This is not us, as we exist day-to-day.
This is who we are when we have something to say.

From time to time,
There may be a rhyme.
And at others,
There is none.

At times there is structure,
Form and shape.
At times there is scattered,



I journey to that place behind my eyes,
I bring back thoughts, some truths and some lies.
I bring back the words to inspire,
I bring back the divine fire.
A spark,
To light up the dark.
But I am a man,
Prone to fear and self doubt.
So sometimes I return,
With dark words to shout.
But I use this place,
To filter it out.
Where darkness begins,
I cast it out.


I cleanse my soul, with these words,
Some so profound, some so absurd.
It all about expression,
About letting it out,
Casting aside,
All the fear, hate, and doubt.
And so here goes,
A journey we’ll make,
Snippets of time,
Moments to take.
We are not alone,
Despite what it seems,
So share these thoughts,
As we float on life’s stream.
As we float to the sea.

Because that’s what life is.
A journey down the river of our lives.
Born of a glacier, that returns to the sea.
That place where there is no I, no You,
Just We.

The place where it all began, that place to which we all return.
A cyclic pattern.
Life to Death to Rebirth.

Not quite a circle,
More like a spiral.

We go round and round the spiral.
Back to the beginning, yet not quite the same.
Change and repetition,
Existing simultaneously.

Everything is nothing, from a certain point of view.
Yet nothing is everything to me and to you.
Life is illusion, but that’s not such a bad thing.
An illusions so beautiful, it makes my heart sing.

This is not all there is, that much is true,
Yet this means something to me and to you.

So what do we take from all this?

Well what we see with our eyes is not all there is,
And what we feel inside should not be dismissed.
Feel what we can, with the time that we have.
Love those that we have the good fortune of existing with.
Enjoy this life, live with compassion, for we are all one.
A billion drops of water in the stream, all flowing together to the sea.
We are not alone in this life.
Remember that.

And remember this,

You Are Loved.


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