In Time…

Memories, Regrets, Wisdom, & Growth

As all things have beginnings, they to have an end.
They in turn, start again.

Time is purely a matter of perception, a representation of velocity, a relativistic expression of movement, momentum, acceleration.

If we are still, time does not exist, does not elapse. But we are never still, never truly.
Right now we are moving; the planet spins, revolves, rotates; the sun spins around on the spiral arm of a galaxy propelling through the void, through the vastness of space. A full stop never occurs, never truly.
Yet we can slow down our minds. Stop the incessant clamour of thoughts, the perpetual internal monologue. And in these moments, time stretches on forever. Living lifetimes in the span of minutes, the culmination of a moment.

Why do we perceive time as we do? Moments to minutes, to hours, to days. Always marching forward, no going back. Every moment in time is truly a moment only lived once. Each subsequent moment is novel, new, unique.
Moments like snowflakes, no two exactly the same.

We remember…
We remember past moments, sometimes we relive them, but never truly.
We look back at them through the lens of the present, the people we are now are not the people we were then. As much as we may like to think of ourselves as static and unchanging, we are not.

How so?
It’s quite simple, think of a moment from the past, think of who you were then.
What’s the difference from now? That person had no memory of the moment, they had not experienced it before.
Say, for instance, you were in a car crash. Prior to the accident you felt confident behind the wheel, saw no danger.
Then, “Bam!” and you are different. Now you are cautious, weary, possibly afraid. You know how a car crash feels, the experience of it. The sound of it, the quickness of it. You look back on it with a different set of experiences, feelings and knowledge.

Regret is an interesting concept, because it is tied intrinsically to the difference between who we were and who we are.
Go back to the accident. How do you feel about it?
“If only I had been paying more attention, or had taken a different route, or had just stayed home.”
“I wish it hadn’t happened.”
What a silly statement. Our wish for prior caution is based upon the fact that we have been in an accident before. If we had not crashed, we would be as reckless as we were prior to the event, the moment. It was the moment that gave us our current viewpoint, our current set of experiences, our current selves. We would not be here, now, and who we are, without the prior experiences that brought us to this moment.
We are who we are because of all that has come before; good, bad, beautiful, terrible, profound, mundane. Every moment we are birthing our future selves, the people we will become. Regrets serve no purpose,  they only torture us in the present.
We learn from the past, we do not change it, we cannot change it, we will not change it. We learn from it and we move on. We take those experiences with us into our futures. We use them as lessons, we prevent past mistakes as best we can.

Me today is inherently different than me yesterday, simply because me today has already lived and experienced yesterday, while me of yesterday has not, couldn’t have.

This is the idea behind wisdom. If we take the experiences of yesterday into the future, but do not live in them, we become wise. If we never learn from those moments, or grow from them, we are living as that former person, that person who no longer exists. This is called stagnation, and it is a dangerous place. It does not allow for true and healthy growth. We grow; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, but if we stop our growth, in one or more of these aspects, we become malformed, not necessarily outwardly.
We become children living in adult bodies. Unable to cope with the present moment. Growing in improper ways, not reaching our full potential.

Life is Growth.
Plain and simple. All life grows. The physical and the mental. The emotional and the spiritual.
Moving from one stage to the next.
The seed becomes the roots, becomes the stem, becomes the leaves, becomes the buds, becomes the flower. And the flower continues the cycle anew.

Beginning becomes end.
End becomes beginning.
Life goes on.
The cycle continues.

The cycle continues.

and may you always grow.

Book of Face: Ch. 8, Verses 15-22

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