Darkness Within

The darkness, I let it in.


There was a time, when I was so self-assured.

I felt myself so capable.


I thought myself so beyond reproach.


But then something changed.


Truly it was nothing.
Yet cruelly it was something.


It was there within me.

I let it in.


The advice meant to move me forward, had caused me to regress.

I fell upon my old ways, trying to escape the truth.


Distractions, meant to appease momentary desires,

Trying to avoid the truth.


I don’t want to look at me, and I certainly don’t want you to.

I want to hide here in the darkness,

Out of sight, out of mind.


Maybe you would forget me, or that I had ever lived.

Oh how I hoped to be forgotten, to have never lived.


I disappeared from your sight, I disappeared into the night.


Too afraid to meet with destiny, too afraid to fail,

To afraid to seek out help, too afraid, too frail.


I’m sorry for your misplaced faith in me, I’m sorry that I failed.


In darkness I lay.


Why will this feeling not go away?

Why can I not just be one of they?


Goddamn this fucking destiny, goddamn what it’s doing to me.
Why won’t it just go away?


I’m too afraid to fail.
Truly too afraid to try.


What do you want from me?!

I scream into the night.
What is it you expect from me?
I’m unable stand upright.


Am I too weak for this path?


Too weak.


I hide.


But the voice is not without.
It resides inside.


A devil on my shoulder,

And an angel by my side.


Listen not to the one,

Who speaks in only lies.


Listen now to the truth,

Now open up your eyes.


You never disappeared,
You only closed your eyes.


Don’t you see?

You’re only hiding from yourself.


The enemy lies within.

You let the darkness in.


The words meant to encourage,

You corrupted them.

You poisoned them,
when they hit your ears.

You poisoned them, with your fears.


Come forth from the shadows,

Come back into the light.

You know that it’s right.

It is your birthright.


The darkness is not for you to dwell,

You have a purpose here.


A purpose here and now.



You cannot be permitted to fail.


Get up.

Get up.

Get up.


There is much work to do.


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