Exactly What I Needed, Right When I Needed It – Prelude

So I haven’t written for a little while (just about 2 weeks in fact, and that just won’t do).

Why not?
Have you run out of things to say?

Of course not. I’ll still be talking (writing) long after everyone has stopped listening (reading).
(Oh how I love the sound of my own voice / clicking of keys.)

The real reason is because I just went on a trip (a real one, nothing drug induced).

I spent last week in Vancouver, BC (and it’s island).
During that time I was a social media minimalist (I think I checked facebook once). There wasn’t a specific reason why I limited myself, but the focus was more on my experiences then on the writing about them.
(Scratch that. I did write / draw about my experiences, but it wasn’t in digital format.)

So what’s this post for? A prelude? To what?

There are moments in our lives when the exact length of time is unimportant.
What is important is the wealth of experience gained in that time.

My trip was one of these.

I spent only 8 days by the sea, but in that time I had experiences that will ripple through my life. Experiences that opened my eyes and changed my course (or were they just a part of the current course?).

The experiences were so profound and varied that it seems impossible (or at least illogical) to sum it up in a single post.
So I’ve decided to make it a multi-part story.
Each part will be unique, in both content and character (exactly how is yet to be seen).

So I guess this post is really just about filling you in on what’s going on (and to let you know that I haven’t abandoned you, my dear reader).

How long will it take? How many post will there be? Will there be pictures? or funny anecdotes?
Oh so many questions.
The answer is, I don’t know (yet). I’m gonna take it step by step and we’ll see what comes out.
(And yes, there will be pictures.)


There is one thing I would like to do now, and that is give thanks to those who helped my on my journey to the sea.
I would never have gotten there, or enjoyed the time spent there, without them.

Thank you Vanessa for the ride out there, and the good company along the way.
Thank you Scott, for the last minute accommodations, showing me the sights, the laughs on the way, and the good conversations with an old friend.

Thank you Daniella, for the good conversation and a guitar right when I needed it.
Thank you Tina, for the chance to reminisce, to share experiences, for the costume ideas, and for getting me excited for our summer adventures.
Thank you Carly, for giving me the tools to explore, for the enlightening conversations, for the adventures and accommodations, for the amazing smiles, and, as always, for the inspiration.

Thank you Barbra, for the tough love, for making me take a look at my self in ways I never wanted to, but absolutely needed to, for making me re-think my hipster-quoting ways (I’m still gonna use quotes), and for the relentless digging and sound advice.
Thank you Laura, for the lovely stroll through Stanley park (could have used more skipping though), the good conversations on the way, the directions and advice, for helping me to look at myself honestly, and for seeing me when I have trouble seeing myself.
Thank you both for the fun times, good laughs (“You done messed up A-a-ron!”), good music, and good people. I got more than I bargained for during my stay at the “Gypsy Hotel.”

Thank you all.
This adventure would not have been possible without you.

Until next time,


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