Tales of Up and Down – As the River Flows

I am plagued by highs and lows.

I have moments in my life where I feel as though anything is within my grasp.

And there are moments when even the smallest of tasks seems insurmountable.

There are moments when I love myself, I see my value, I feel I have worth.

And there are moments of self-loathing. Moments when I see myself as worthless, my actions as futile.

Moments when I can see my contributions to the world, and the positive impact I can have on it.

And moments when I see myself as a burden upon existence. A blight on the world.

There are moments when someone says to me, “Tyler, you are awesome,” and I believe them.

And moments when the exact same phase makes me think, “you just don’t know me well enough.”

There are times in my life when I can see the beauty in all things. In the faces of those around me, in the places I visit, and the things I encounter.

And moments when all I see is darkness. Suffocating me. Seeping in and destroying all I love and hold dear.

Moments when I can see the path.

And moments when I walk in darkness.

The highs are so high.

The lows so deep.

But there is something that I must keep.

That little spark, that calls from the dark.

That little voice that says, “Keep going, your path is true.”

“Keep going, I believe in you.”

Don’t let the darkness win.
Don’t let it seep in.
I am the master of me.
I am the one that is we.

Do not falter now,
You have come too far.
Do not falter now,
You are what you are.

You are human,
What does that mean?
It means you stumble,
And need somewhere to lean.

You are not alone,
Although that’s how it may seem,
You are not alone,
You are part of a team.

We all need some help,
It’s the nature of this game,
We all need some help,
To see us through the pain.

I don’t want to look weak,
Is what I always say,
I don’t want to speak,
The words that say,

I need some help.

I need a friend,
I need a hand,
I need some help,
To reach the promise’d land.

I can’t go on,
Living a lie.
That we live this way,
Then we just die.

I know there’s a way,
I see that much is true,
But sometimes I’m scared,
I don’t know what to do,

At times I feel strong,
Other times I feel weak,
I am scared and I’m frail and I’m meek.

Where is the power,
I felt it before,
Where is the power,
I need it once more.

I need you my friend,
I see that as true,
I need you my friend,
Help me make it through.

I have seen things,
That I know are true,
I have felt things,
Do you feel it to?

We weren’t meant to live,
In darkness and fear,
Despite all else,
That one thing is clear.

I need you my friend,
I hope you need me to,
Because as you’re there for me,
I will be there for you.

I’ve got your back,
I hope you have mine,
We’ll make this work,
Just give it some time.

I act as the stone,
So strong, self-assured,
But I am the stream,
Afraid and absurd,

I follow the flow,
Down mountainside,
Follow the flow,
My banks rise and subside.

I come upon hills,
Too high to climb,
I pool at their base,
And stay for a time.

I need a way out,
Or stagnate I will,
A putrid pond,
Of suffocated will.

Show me the way,
To flow to the sea,
Dig me a trench,
And please set me free.

Show me the way,
That I can be,
The best human,
That I call me.

Show me the way,
To get to the sea,
How I can be,
The best I can be.

I need your help,
To get to the sea,
I know that it’s there,
Waiting for me.

Before I descended,
Down mountainside,
I had the view,
Seen from up high.

I saw the trail,
From here to the sea,
It was laid at my feet,
It was shown unto me,

But as I tumbled,
Down mountainside,
My view was blocked,
By me and my pride,

I came to believe,
The sea was for me,
Not for us all,
Meant only for me,

I thought I was special,
I now see that’s untrue,
I am only special,
When coupled with you.

So help me my friend,
Let us go to the sea,
Let us become,
The best we can be.

You show me your way,
And I’ll show you mine,
And eventually we’ll make it,
Just give it some time.

Help me my friend,
Help see me through,
And when the road is too tough,
I’ll carry you.

Cause that’s what friends do.

We are not alone,
In this journey to the sea,
We are not alone,
I’ve got you, and you’ve got me.

Let us see,
What we can be,
When we reach,
The shining sea.

You and me,
We’ll make it,
Just wait and see,
The power in “we.” 


And may we all meet at the sea.


4 thoughts on “Tales of Up and Down – As the River Flows

  1. Very powerful, very universal!! 🙂 I want to press ‘like’ but its not loading, so if it doesn’t soon please consider this both a commnt and a ‘like’ 🙂

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