In the Beginning…

Book of Face
Ch. 7, Verses 1-11

So maybe I should start at the beginning…
But where did it all begin?

There are moments I can look back at and say, “That’s it, that’s where it all began.”

But then I look a little closer and realize it wasn’t the beginning at all, it was a point on a continuum. A point where I noticed a change. But the truth is, things are always changing, every moment, every day.
So what separates one from the next?

Only my perception of the event. Only the fact that I say, “there, there it is, the beginning.”
But it wasn’t, it was just a moment like any other. Every moment that was a “beginning” was preceded by a series of other moments, and each of those preceded by others that made the “beginning” possible.

So where did it all begin? 

My life began on November 5th 1984. But that was really just the moment I burst forth from the womb into my current state of being. My life had already begun 9 months earlier at the moment of conception. And that’s really only the moment that the sperm fertilized the egg, both had existed long before that. And they grew from my parents, and they were around before that. As were their parents, and theirs, and theirs.

So did it begin with the dawn of man?
Homo Sapiens have been around for aproxamately 200,000 years. There it is, the “beginning.” But humans didn’t just show up here ages ago from nothing. The evolved over millenia from Homo Erectus and Homo Heidelbergensis. And those evolved from Australopithecus. And they evolved from other ape-like ancestors. And they evolved from small rodent type animals who survived the extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs. And when you keep taking it back you see that all life on this planet developed from some amoeba- like single celled organisms.
Ahh, the “begining.”

But where did the primordial soup come from?
And for that matter, where did this chunk of rock that we’re floating on come from?

Well you see the solar system formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago.
Hmm… a “beginning?”
Well the solar system formed during the collapse of a giant molecular cloud in this region of space. And that molecular cloud was around long before that.

Well were did all these “molecules” come from?

Well you see just over 13.77 billion years ago, all of those molecules and atoms and energy were wrapped up in a nice, neat little package. Then, all of a sudden and without warning… “BANG.” This was no small “bang,” this was one big bang, “The Big Bang” in fact.
Ahhhh, finally we have a “beginning.”

But wait one second here. Sure this theory about a “big bang” explains how all that “stuff” (all the stuffs) came to be spread out across this massive expanse we call the universe.

But that doesn’t really explain where all this “stuff” came from…

This is where we usually insert the concept of “the creator” (aka, God, Allah, Brahma, Viracocha, Yahweh, etc.). You see what happened was this “creator” was hanging out for a long time, a very, very long time in fact. After an undisclosed amount of time (my guess is somewhere in the ballpark of 300 bigillion years), he (or she, or it) decided that he’d had enough of this sittin around pickin his nose crap.

“Alright son, shit is about to get ‘real!’”
And in that moment he decided to make everything, put it in a ball, give it a little shove and… “BANG!”
And the rest is history.

(Disclaimer: please do not ask where “the creator” found all the stuff to make the universe (“the stuff”). And definitely do not ask where “the creator” came from. If you do we will be forced to ostracize you and possibly burn you to death on suspicion of being a witch/heathen/infidel/non-believer/scientist/ atheist/homosexual/generally-all-around-bad-person. You have been warned.)

Well, that sums things up nicely, no need to ask questions, or wonder about the reason for everything. Or ask where this creator fellow has been hanging out since he birthed all of existence, or what he’s been up to since then (my guess is he’s watching re-runs of Jersey Shore in “heaven,” and probably asking himself if this whole “existence” thing wasn’t a huge mistake).

But… what if we did ask some more questions…
(sshh, don’t let the religious zealots hear us talking like this, this is just between you and me, ok?).


So what happens if we ask where this creator guy went? I mean he has the ability to create the whole of everything from nothing, yet he can’t be bothered to drop by and say a quick hello?
Maybe expel the ignorance in the world. Let all the religions believing in a “god” know that they’re actually all praying to the same dude, and that all the war and hatred and bloodshed is ridiculous beyond what words can express. Where the fuck is this guy!?

“Well you see my boy, god sent his only begotten son to give us the good news, and to fix all the worlds problems, and forgive us our sins.”

Whew! Thank god! And I thought wars were still occurring and people were still sinning. I guess those crusades (all nine of them) were just a big misunderstanding.

If god is truly omniscient (knows all things) don’t you think he would have seen religious wars coming? I mean a bunch of guys with crosses on their chests walked into the “holy land” and massacred the people living there. And their friends got pissed off and massacred a bunch of guys with crosses. And back and forth (forever and ever, without end, amen).

Are you really telling me god didn’t see that coming? Do we really think that’s what he had in mind when he sent his only son (I thought we were all the children of god?) to heal the sins of the world? So we could go on sinning??

Something just isn’t adding up here…


Let’s take things a step back here.

Let’s look at humans.
Humans are god’s beloved children. His favourite creation (take that plants!).

Made in his divine image.

“So that means we look like god?”
“Umm.. yeah I guess it does.”
“So then god looks like us?”
“Uhh… sure, I guess that’s pretty much the same thing.”

That path of logic leads to us creating images of god that looks like this:


“What’s wrong with that?” you may ask, “That’s one handsome god, look at that fine-ass beard.”
Well sure, that’s one handsome human being, but since when was god a human?

All holy belief systems say the same thing:
“We were made in the image of the divine.”

We were made in the image of, that does not mean we look exactly alike.
We are projecting our own image upon the divine.
We are not seeing what this truly means.
We follow the divine pattern, the divine shape, the shape of all things.

Here’s where things are gonna be hard for me to explain without getting into a lengthy essay on wave harmonics.
I’ll need to explain to you the golden ratio, wave-particle duality, 4th dimensional space/time, the helical (helix, or spiral) shape of DNA, standing waves, hyperbolas, fractals, human symbolism and sacred geometry.

For the moment, suffice to say that the universe, and the things within it, follow a pattern.
This includes, but is not limited to, humans.
This pattern is what is meant when we say “man is made in god’s image.”

So what does god look like?

The fact is we can’t perceive it. Or at least not in it’s purest form.
Why not?

Well let’s try an experiment:
Draw for me, if you will, a 2 dimensional object.
Easy! Just draw a square.


OK, now please draw a 3 dimensional object.
Not too difficult, add some depth lines and now you have a cube.


(The truth is, this is a representation of a 3-D object, it is still 2-D, your mind is able to make the connections and visualize it as 3-D.)

OK, now draw a 4 dimensional object.
Ahh, not so easy.

The closest approximation we can make is a tesseract:


(The truth is, this is a representation of a 4-D object and is in fact only a series of 2-D objects.)

Now draw a 5 dimensional object.

Can’t do it can you?
You probably can’t even fathom what it would look like.
That’s because it is beyond our perception as humans.
Humans exist in the 4th dimension. We can see in three dimensions and can comprehend the 4th (time). Anything else is beyond our scope.

So is god a 5-D object?

It’s a little more complicated than that (more like 11 dimensions).
This is used as an example to highlight the fact that our limited minds and senses cannot perceive or even comprehend the true shape of the divine.

So that’s it?

Well to our limited observational faculties, the divine (or the source) would most likely look like a point of pure white light (I saw the light!).
It is the constant creative force.
It is the point from which everything else is created and from which everything else takes it’s shape.
It is constantly expelling energy outward, while constantly drawing everything inward.

“All roads lead to source.”

The Alpha and the Omega.
The beginning and the end.
But when we reach the end, we are back at the beginning.

I know it’s hard to fathom.
It’s hard to imagine that by moving away from a point we are actually moving towards it.
The main reason for this is because we view reality as linear (in a straight line).
Another misconception.

“There are no straight lines.”

It helps to picture the universe in this way:

A torus.
What’s a torus?

It’s the shape of a doughnut.
Yep the whole universe is one big doughnut. Mmmm… delicious universe doughnut.


If you start in the centre of the doughnut and draw a line around the outside, where do you end up?
Back at the centre.

And what’s the centre of the doughnut?
That’s god.
Yep god is the creamy filling of the universe. Mmm… delicious creamy god.

Now tori (plural of torus) come in various sizes and slightly different shapes, based on the size of the centre hole.

Notice how the Spindle Torus (3rd down) looks nearly spherical.
Notice how the Spindle Torus (3rd down) looks nearly spherical.

Some, like a doughnut, have very big centres (relatively).
Others like the universe, have very small centres. So small, you may not even realize that it’s a whole. So small that you may think that the whole thing is a big sphere.


This is how we perceive the things around us (ie: the sun and the stars).
The sun is a self-similar image of the divine. It looks like a sphere, but in fact is a torus with an immensely small centre. It’s this centre, this point of energy, that causes the combustion (more aptly fusion) reaction in the particles surrounding it. It is constantly pouring energy into it’s surroundings, causing a chain reaction, which eventually expels energy (heat and light) outward, which eventually reaches us on Earth and warms us up and makes us nice and cozy.

The divine operates in just the same way. We can’t “see” this central point, but we can see the effect it has on it’s surroundings (ie: the universe). The whole universe is a series of self-similar manifestations of this central point (the source), including we humans.
The source “acts,” and the universe “reacts.”

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Because the source is infinitesimally “small,” it creates a reaction that is infinitely “large” (small and large being a matter of perception).

(So this would be the point where higher-order dimensionality enters the equation, and we don’t need to get into that right now, as long as we realize our perceptions of size and space and time are skewed based upon our limited perspective of “reality” and the universe.)

Wow, OK then… so what is love?

The holy texts always (almost) claim god to be eternally loving. The manifestation of pure love.
And they’re right.
They just don’t explain what love IS.

Love is the creative force. Love is energy.
There’s a reason why we describe love as a “warm” feeling. Or we say “love’s burning fire.” Or “the light of love.”
Love is energy, pure and simple. When we receive this energy is makes us feel good because we are attuned to it. It resonates with our being. We receive energy (originating from the source, as all energy does), and we feel good, we then pass it on to others. We use it to create (it is the creative force). We make music, art, we speak, we act, we love.

Because we are self-similar expressions of the divine.human-exp-torus-ve-ds.695px

“We are made in god’s image.”
Our purpose is god’s purpose.
To create.
We take love in, and we spread it out.

It’s our purpose.
Our Dharma.

So what makes the world go round?


haha, I know it sounds funny, but it’s true.

Energy makes all things happen (including the revolving of the Earth), and love is energy.
Love is the name we give to the feeling this energy gives us.

“Love is just a word. What’s important is the connection which the word implies.”

This is true with god/the source/the divine/etc.

God is just a word. What’s important is what the word implies.

It’s the beginning, the source, the creator, the divine.
It is that from which all has been made.
The point from which the entire universe is manifest.

It is us.
We are it’s self-similar creations. We are here to continue it’s work in this dimension.

To love.
To be love.
To spread love.
To make love.
To create.

To be.

And eventually to return to source.
“The End”

And start it all over again.
“The Beginning”

So my divine and beautiful friends,
May you love and be loved.
May you create.
May you bask in the glory of creation.

May you see your purpose here.
And may you someday return to source.


6 thoughts on “In the Beginning…

  1. I am very happy to read this article. Being conscious of the torus and sacred geometry has enabled me to live peacefully and gracefully. Thank you for sharing your perspective of this truth. All my love to you!

    1. Thanks!
      I hope that more people can come to appreciate the beauty and wisdom that is within sacred geometry. It can definitely lead to a more peaceful expression of life. I feel the more I understand this the more capable I am of handling whatever life brings my way. And the more I’m able to be and express love.
      Love and Namaste.

  2. Thank you!!! Really, thank you!!! I have been meditating for months now and I keep getting this vision that I can’t seem to draw or get out. Then I say your picture of the big sphere and that’s pretty much what I keep seeing. You just put all the pieces in place that I have been contemplating for months. I can’t express the love you have helped me embrace.

    1. You are most welcome! I’m so glad you were able to connect with this.
      The rabbit-hole goes deeper still, keep up your journey, all things come in time 🙂
      So happy I could be of help.
      Keep embracing the Love!

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