Book of Face: Ch. 5, Verses 74-77

“Appreciation – Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.”


I just want to take a moment to express my deep appreciation for you.

That’s right, You.

Thank you.
Thank you for reading, liking and following my blog.

I realized I haven’t personally thanked all the people who have encouraged me, it whatever way that they do.
So for now this will have to do 🙂

I would like to thank my friends who have encouraged me on this journey. Those who have told me to keep it up. Who have made me believe that I actually have talent. Who told me to start a blog, and try to get published.
Your faith in me is more meaningful than you could ever know.

I want to thank all the other bloggers who have read and liked my posts. It’s helps affirm that my friends aren’t just humouring me 🙂 (not that I think they would actually do that).
And thank you for writing your own blogs. I do check out every one of your blogs, inspiration is a two-way street. I have found so many great and inspiring people through this endeavour. Weather it be informative, enlightening, entertaining, or inspiring, thank you.

I want to thank everyone who has signed up to follow my blog. I am honoured that you like my writing enough to keep coming back and reading my latest posts. I hope you continue to find something to your liking. Something that entertains and inspires.

And thank you to everyone who has ever read one of my posts. Whether you liked it or not. I’m am grateful to be able to reach you. I’m continually amazed by the variety of locations from which you come from. The ability to connect with people from all parts of the world gives me hope for our future. Being able to share ideas with the entire globe is one of our greatest feats as humans. We are truly blessed to live in this period of time (remember that next time you share photos of your cat/lunch/self in the mirror on the interwebs 🙂 ).

And thank you to everyone who has never read my blog. Just because you have never seen this doesn’t mean that I’m not grateful for you and what you have to offer. Maybe one day you will and then you’ll know my gratitude.

So on that note I will bid you adieu.
Thank you again.

and may we have many more moments together on this journey.


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