Chalalan – Bolivia 2011 – part 2

Friday May 20th, 2011


It’s the third day of our Amazonian adventure (4th if you include our night in Rurrenabaque).
We have spent most of our time hiking the trails surrounding Chalalan. It is truly an amazing place, full of wildlife.
A place of pure natural beauty.


Within moments of our arrival we were greeted by the sight of howler monkeys leaping from tree to tree above the lodge.
On our hikes we have seen more creatures than I can name, or remember for that matter. Various monkeys, birds (macaws, etc), insects (leaf-cutter ants, fire ants, blue bees, etc.), spiders (tarantulas, etc), frogs, caimans, bats, fish, etc. As well as an innumerable amount of flora. And all of it comes together to create this amazing symbiotic relationship unlike anything I have ever seen before. It is the work of the Divine come to life.

And the way in which the indigenous peoples are able to use so much of it, for food, medicine, shelter, and every other imaginable use, is truly amazing.



At times it makes me ache for what my people have lost, have given up, have sacrificed… and for what? Can we truly say that we are happier, healthier, better off for having separated ourselves from the land that sustains us? From raping the Earth goddess, our mother, who has held us to her breast and nurtured us, fed us and clothed us. Who has given us this opportunity to experience the miracle of life, the beauty of creation, even if only for a brief period of time. How do we justify an existence which kills the host? Have we become a virus? A mutation of what we were put here to be, the caretakers of this beautiful blue and green sphere floating and spinning in the darkness of space? Why can we not be satisfied with that? Why must we want for more?
Whatever happened to the freedom from want?

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