“A Sense of Purpose & Direction”

Book of Face: Ch. 4, Verses 65-71

“A Sense of Purpose & Direction”

So I started today as I do most days.
I have a morning ritual. I wake up, shake the sleep off and go for a walk. I usually walk to the nearby convenience store and grab a coffee (I ran out of coffee at home). I know I could just go and buy a thing of coffee grounds and save myself both the walk and some money. But the walk is two-fold, it satiates my caffeine addiction and allows to me to experience the place I live (it also provides a little bit of exercise). It kinda keeps me in touch with the world around me, I now know how sunny it is today, how windy, and how damn cold it is (I blame the wind).

So I threw on my coat, my scarf and some mitts, and ventured out.
There’s one thing I hate about buying coffee at a store, those damn paper cups. I mean the amount of waste created by all the coffee drinkers out there buying coffees in those disposable cups must be tremendous. I really should have a re-usable travel mug.
I get to the end of my block when a thought strikes me. My roommate has a travel mug, and I’m sure he’s not using it.
I pull a quick 180 and rush back to retrieve it. I open the cupboard and see three staring back at me. I grab the first that catches my eye, and find it’s matching lid. I then take a moment to look at my chosen mug. I read what’s printed on it’s side…

“I Start Each Day with a Sense of Purpose & Direction”

Hmmm…. Well isn’t that interesting. Sounds like a pretty good motto. I’ll take it as a sign.
So what will be my purpose today?
Well it’s the same purpose I have everyday.

Try to make the world a better place.
I mean what other purpose could there be. Why else am I here.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why not start with something a little more simple?” Like get my laundry done, or read a good book.
And that’s all fine and good, but you don’t realize how simple it can be to improve the world in which we live.
I didn’t say, “I’m gonna cure cancer today” or “I’m gonna save a kitten from a burning building.” I merely said that today I will make the world a little better than it was yesterday, in whatever small way I can.

“The World is a Campground. Leave it Better than you Found it.”

I start back out on my walk with this thought on my mind.
So where does one start?

I’m almost at the store. I have to pass though a small green space, not quite big enough to be a park, but it has a few trees and kind of breaks up the concrete jungle. I’m looking at my feet. Something orange catches my eye in the snow. A beef jerky wrapper.
My first response is, “What a douche, I mean who litters anyways.” I almost walk past it.
Then I remember my purpose today. “A little better than you found it.”
So I bend down and scoop it out of the snow. Hmm… No so difficult really, minimal effort, slight return, progress.
I enter the store, purchase my coffee (in a reusable cup), smile at the cashier, wish him a good day, and continue on my journey.
I’m passing through the “park” again. This time I look a little closer instead of just staring at my feet. I look at the tree beside the path. There’s something underneath it.
A paper coffee cup.
Two in fact.
Seems a little ironic to me.
I reach under the tree and fish them out. I also find a box for a slice of pizza, I grab it to.
The same minimal effort, another slight return, more progress. It really doesn’t take much out of me, it causes me no danger (I’m not grabbing used syringes or anything) and in it’s own small way the world is a little better than when I was sitting at home.
My journey continues and now with an eye out for litter I find a couple more pieces on my path (including another beef jerky wrapper. I still don’t know people eat that stuff).
So I arrive at home base, deposit my findings in their proper receptacle (remember to recycle 🙂 ), and think about my next step.

So what skills do I have to offer?
Well I guess I can write.
Step 2: Write
And here we are.

What is the purpose in writing, what is doing to improve the world in which I live?
Well it could have a couple effects.

It could make someone think. Inspire them take action in their lives to improve the world. It could be as simple as picking up some litter on their way home from work. I mean me picking up a couple pieces of trash doesn’t fix the worlds garbage problems. But maybe if I can convince someone else to pick up a couple pieces, and they can convince a couple more…. (do I see a domino effect occurring?)
Next thing you know we got 20 people picking up 3 pieces of garbage a day, 60 pieces per day, 1800 pieces per month, 21600 per year, and over the next decade we’ve cleaned up over 200,000 pieces of trash. And the more people we inspire to join in the more results we see.

It could simply be some afternoon entertainment for whoever reads it. A little anecdote to bring a smile to their face.
If you think a smile isn’t improving the world you are sorely mistaken. By brightening one day you can create a sort of domino effect. Someone with a smile smiles at another, and they might smile at two more.
“Now come on, a smile is not a cure for cancer!” you say.
Well what if that person you smiled at turns out to be Dr. Such-&-such a preeminent cancer researcher. And what if on this particular day the dear Dr. is feeling in the dumps, he doubts his ability to find a cure. “I give up, I’m going quite and become a mailman,” he thinks to himself. But then someone comes his way, with a smile beaming on their face. He can’t help but have his day brightened. Maybe they go the next step and give him some words of encouragement. Maybe that’s all he needed to keep pushing himself, to keep striving.
That’s the thing, you have no idea who’s life you could be affecting in your day to day life. Don’t assume that you can’t affect others and that they don’t need you help. We’re all in this together, so let’s get a little team-spirit going and help out our fellow players in this game.

Maybe the words you write can inspire a young girl, Mary Such-&-such. And she sees hope where before she saw only hopelessness. Maybe the world can be saved, maybe it’s worth saving, maybe she’s worth saving. And instead of ending her life before her time, she decides to strive on. Decides she can make a difference. Decides she will make a difference. She may become a physicist, Dr. Such-&-such, who works tirelessly to solve the worlds energy problem. And maybe she participates in the the research that produces cold fusion, and her legacy is cheap and clean energy for the world.

And maybe it does nothing… maybe no one reads this, and no one is inspired. Maybe it’s just a little piece of text floating in the interwebs, never affecting anyone. It’s possible.

But the question is…
Is it better to try and fail, then never to have tried.

What’s the risk? What’s the possible reward? With the human race balancing on the edge of a knife, should we not do whatever we can, in whatever way we can to try and help. To try and save this. Save us.

Never in our history have we been capable of so much and on such a scale. We could destroy the world with the push of a button, could we not save it with the same? Never before could we communicate ideas on such a scale. Instant communication with all parts of the globe. So many ideas being shared, so much being created.

Can we not wake up and realize our purpose?
We have one. Make the world a little better today than it was yesterday. It starts in small steps, and eventually it moves mountains. We have that power. We are not lost, we are just trying to find our way.

We are not beyond saving. We are capable of anything. We can move mountains, we can change the world.
There is only one thing we need to do, believe in ourselves.
Believe in us.

Keep hope alive.

Namaste and may you change the world.

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