The River Tuichi – Bolivia 2011 – part 1

It’s May 18th Two Thousand Eleven and I’m lying in a bed enclosed in mosquito netting, listening to the sounds of the Bolivian Amazon.
It’s been 8 days since we left Canada, and 7 since we arrived on the South American continent.
7 days and already the experience of a lifetime.


This morning we spent 6 hours on the river Tuichi from Rurrenabaque to arrive here, at Chalalan Ecolodge, an amazing journey through lush rainforest.

We traveled upstream and came upon a ridge of green mountains with red and yellow revealed where the green had tumbled away. We passed through the mountains where the river had split the ridge like a tear in the fabric of the Earth.

The Cut

On the other side we found a valley of jade stretching out as far as our eyes could see, broken only by the meandering cut of the river and it’s blood coloured banks. The corpses of massive trees lay strewn upon the rocks of impermanent islands as a reminder of a rainy season not easily forgotten.



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Chalalan – Bolivia – part 2

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