Self Expression

Book of Face: Ch. 4, Verses 39-42

“Self Expression”
“If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

What do you do to express yourself?
I write a blog.

This all started by making some facebook posts for my friends. I decided to start expressing my thoughts and feelings more openly, and I used the most readily available medium, social media.

I didn’t think to much of it at the time, but as time has gone on I’ve realized how much my self-expression has allowed me to connect more deeply with the people in my life. Also the positive feedback I’ve received has greatly improved my self-confidence, allowing me to express myself to a greater degree.
So after the encouragement of some dear friends I decided to take the next step and set up a blog. For a while now I’ve been writing my posts on this blog then transposing them to facebook. I’ve been hesitant to share this with my friends.

Why? Because despite all the affirmations I have received, I still have my moments of self-doubt.
The thing with self doubt is that it’s all in your head. There isn’t some external force causing it. Sure we may have received negative feedback in the past, but that’s just someone’s opinion. They’re no more of an authority on the caliber of your character or abilities than you are. The fact is that many people will attack others when they feel threatened or insecure in themselves. It’s a vicious cycle.

So I have a choice; continue to give into self doubt, or move past it. It’s really a simple choice. As of yet, I have experienced nothing but positivity when I make the choice to believe in myself. Why should I stop now? I’ve come too far on this journey to look back now.
Believe in you, and others will do the same. So here goes…

For me this blog isn’t a huge shift. Since I’ve already been sharing these writing on facebook. There is some slight changes though.
For one I am allowing strangers to see what I write and give me feedback, it’s sorta scary to show that side of myself to the world.
Secondly, I’m gonna use this blog to show a little more deeply what I’ve been experiencing and why I have decided to make these changes in my life. What brought about this change, what I’ve realized about my purpose in this world.
Thirdly I’m gonna show some of my other methods of self expression. For instance I have been playing music with some dear friends, and we’ve begun to record it. I will be posting some of these for your listening pleasure, and your constructive feedback. (and much more!)

However, I think the most important part of this blog is that it’s not really about me.
It is about us.
None of this would have occurred without the positive feedback of others. Whether it be encouragement, inspiration, or just good ol’ fashioned love.

So please don’t be silent, tell me what you think, show me what you’ve made, tell me how you feel, show me how you express yourself, your art, your love, YOU.
Because that’s what inspires me. It’s what gives me the confidence to put myself out there and the drive to do so. We are not alone in this life.

So Welcome, enjoy, inspire, be inspired, share.
Thank you for listening, thank you for speaking, thank you for being who you are, and expressing the beautiful individual that you are.


“A person confident in oneself has no reason to speak ill of someone else, in fact they are more likely to see the good attributes in others.”

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