Admonishment – part 2

Book of Face: Ch 4, Verses 34-36

“Admonishment” -part 2


Today is the day know as “Black Friday” (even the name is ominous). It is the day after thanksgiving for our neibours to the south.
To say that it started today is a bit of a misnomer. It actually started last night, immediately following thanksgiving dinner, when people left the comfort of their homes, and the company of their loved ones, to stand in “lines” (more like mobs) at malls and outlet stores across the country. “For what?” you ask. For a few dollars savings on plastic junk made in far away lands.
If the irony of this is lost on you let me explain. We (or they) gather for a delicious meal spent with the people that we love. We say thanks for all that we have been given; for our families, friends, homes; for the food we eat, the freedoms we enjoy, the world in which we live.
We eat.
Then like a switch, we change. We stop saying “thank you”, we say “I want more.” The gifts I have been given are not enough, I need a new TV, toy, bath-towel set, hat, shirt, jewelry, or whatever the hell else we don’t actually need. These aren’t line-ups at grocery stores, these lineups are at toys R’us,  the apple store, or wal-mart (curses!).
Whatever happened to “freedom from want”? That doesn’t mean I get everything I desire on a whim. It means I have all that I need, and desire for nothing more. I am content. And for this I give Thanks (have we forgotten the literal definition of the holiday?).

My goal here is not to judge these people for a failure. It’s understandable that in our consumerist culture we focus primarily on material things to fulfill us. We are left with a sense of something lacking in our lives. We are not being fulfilled in the proper ways, we seek out something to fill the void… “oo look shiny things! I like shiny things. They make me happy :)” Little do we realize this is a fleeting happiness, gone as quickly as it arrived. We feel empty again…. “oo look the Iphone 6 has a 16 mega-pixel camera! The one I have has only 8. I want. It’ll make me happy.” We are satiated for another few moments, and the cycle continues.

This is not judgement, it is admonishment. It is a warning. It is concern.
You will never find true fulfillment through the desire for material things, you will always be left wanting.
“So where does one look for true fulfillment?” you ask with apprehension. It’s actually not that hard, it requires far less money, and you don’t have to wait in line at target to get it. It was there before you left your home to save a few bucks at the outlet mall.
It’s in the eyes, the hearts and the minds of those people sitting at your dinner table.

It’s love.
It’s what you can give without end, and receive back in ten-fold. It’s the gift you can give yourself. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. It is the only true happiness in this world, the reason you’re here. The reason you speak, The reason you understand, The reason for you.
And it’s for this that we truly can give Thanks.

So let us make today (and everyday) the true Thanksgiving. The day I give thanks for YOU. And that you are here with me, sharing these moments we have together, even when we are apart.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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