Book of Face: Ch. 4, Verses 25-28

Today is just an ordinary day… what is ordinary?… what makes something extra-ordinary?… what makes today?

I feel stagnation creeping in. Is it because of the weather? (it is pretty cold) I feel uninspired, or overstimulated, under-stipulated…

I feel green with envy, orange with desire, yellow with power, violet with sight, red with might, and blue with song. White with delight. The darkness vanishes. The sky opens up. I rise. I surmise, the lies before my eyes. Beauty intermingled with darkness. For beauty is everywhere, it is only darkness that hides it from our eyes. Let your light shine. Illuminate yourself, Illuminate those around you. Tell someone they are beautiful. Tell them they are loved. Tell them not to hide. The world can be a scary place, try to alleviate that fear. Make someone smile. Make someone feel loved. They will love others. The others will love others. And the world will change.

Blessed be this day, for it is ordinary and simultaneously extra-ordinary. Today is here, tomorrow is not, yesterday is gone. Be today. Be the change. Change the world every moment. Be love. Let love be. You will see, the potential that is “we”.

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