Winter is Coming

Book of Face: Ch. 4, Verses 5-9

“Winter is Coming”

I know none of us want to admit it, but it is.

Until yesterday this thought has filled me with dread…
Crappy roads, bare trees, women wearing too many clothes, minimal daylight, and worst of all COLD (Balls-cold in fact).

But then I remembered something. Some long lost memory from my youth. A memory I haven’t recalled for some time now, lost in the swirl of bill payments and jobs and “responsibilities.”

Until now…
Winter is FUN!I mean there is so much to do; build snowmen, build snow forts, have a snowball fight, make a snow angel, go tobogganing, go skating (outside), and more.
It’s also beautiful. The snow on the trees, the icicles hanging from our roofs, the children bundled up like little marshmallow people, the silence during a heavy snowfall, the pure potential that is hiding under all that snow.
It’s a venerable “winter wonderland” (oh how I love clichés).

So instead of dreading this winter, and hoping for the return of summer, I’m gonna enjoy the shit out of this winter!
So I have set several goals for myself over the winter (and encourage you to do the same)…

1) I will build a minimum of 1 snowman this year, with a goal of 13 snow-people. (In fact I will build a minimum of 1 snow-lady as well, we don’t want to be patriarchal now do we)
2) I will build 1 (minimum) snow fort, and use it as a base during the ensuing snow ball fight.
3) I will go skating outside. This will very entertaining to everyone other than myself as I am a terrible skater (you may see me pushing a chair around the ice)
4) I will make 7 snow angels (minimum)
5) I will go tobogganing not once, not twice, but thrice! (at least)
6) I will appreciate the silence and calm of snow filled night.
7) I will be thankful for this amazing winter, the summer and fall past, and the amazing spring to come. (*most important*)

I encourage you all to join me in these winter shenanigans.
So if you feel the desire arise to enjoy winter give me a shout. We’ll get bundled up and experience the shit out of this winter!

Winter won’t even know we’re coming.

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