Book of Face: Ch. 3, Verses 15-21

“Book of Face”

I was recently asked, “what is Book of Face?”
I thought to myself, “that’s easy, it’s… uh… well you see… it’s a… hmmm…. well now that’s a good question.

So what is it?
Well the title is simple enough, I mean it’s just facebook reversed (more or less). I initially just posted it off-hand on a friends wall, and thought it sounded funny. It sounded like a book of the bible like “Book of Genesis” or “Book of Job” (in fact the word Bible means book). I figured since I’m constantly told that I look like Jesus it seemed appropriate (or grossly inappropriate).

I decided to roll with it and make a post in the form of a biblical entry, giving it chapter and verse numbers. I thought it was funny, apparently others did to cause they “liked” it (They like me, they really like me).
I did a few more, more “likes” occurred, and comments to. Then I started to receive real-world feedback. I would see a friend and they would say they loved my post, and the book of face concept as a whole. I would see people I hadn’t seen in months and they would say the same. Ahh encouragement, just what I always wanted 🙂

But what IS it?
Well it’s simple and complex, sort of like myself (I laugh at fart jokes but like to talk about politics, quantum mechanics, or the meaning of life). Poop! Hehe 🙂

I guess I would describe it as the raw expression of my thoughts and emotions. A channeling of pure spirit. A duet performed with the divine will. An expression of our spiritual renaissance.

The expression of a moment.

It’s mostly unedited (apart from grammar), largely unplanned, and is limited only by the average attention span.
I basically sit down and decide, “I’m gonna write something.” Sometimes I have an idea in mind, sometimes I don’t. So I start typing. It just kinda flows from there. It’s kind of an organic experience (if it’s good for groceries, it’s good for writing).

I guess the whole concept stems from the changes I am trying to make in my life; openness, honesty, Integrity, unconditional love, creativity. Improvement of self and community.
If you know me you’re probably aware that I have a tendency to “close-up” or be reserved. I have a predisposition toward self-doubt and insecurity.
But I have come to realize that if I wish to reach my full potential this simply will not due (I must show if I am to grow).
I must become the change I wish to see in the world.
I haven’t reached my destination, but I’ve started my journey.
And what a journey it will be.

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