Book of Face: Ch. 2, Verses 31-35

“For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.”

I ask myself with all these changes, “Who am I?”
I am not the man I was before, I’m more like me version 2.4.
But it’s so easy to fall into old ways of being. Playing the part I played before, that scared and jealous boy… that adolescent, unsure of myself… that worker drone, unable to see a way out… human livestock, unable to love myself.

But that’s not who I want to be, it no longer looks like me. But how do we achieve a new outcome playing the same card again and again. It doesn’t happen.The answer?
Lasting and consistent change. Follow you heart, follow it always and all ways. Listen to your gut. Look for a sense of true fulfillment and follow it, don’t stand here hoping that change will create itself, Become the Change.

We’ve earned our place here, and we all deserve love. So love yourself and others will see it to.
Realize that you are spectacular!
If moments come when you fail to see that, if you doubt yourself, remember this one thing… You are loved.
Your friends will still love you even when you don’t. Trust them, if they’re your friend you know they’ve got good taste, and they’re a good judge of character, otherwise why are they your friends?
Namaste and my Love to you.

“Do we revert back to those people we once were,
those people we were before we came to Eden?
We cannot, for they are gone.”

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