Book of Face: Ch. 2, Verses 17-22

“Before you accuse me, Take a look at yourself”

I understand that the way I’m currently living my life may not be the way that you wish to live yours. I understand that you may not understand my motivations or reasons. I understand that on the surface I appear lost and without direction. And I understand that you’re concerned for me.

So understand me when I saythat my path is not yours. Understand that I’m not preaching for you to follow, I know my path is one I must walk alone. Understand that I’m not running away, I’m walking towards. Understand that it’s hard enough to walk this path as is, tearing me down doesn’t help me, it fucking kills me. If you claim to be my friend then be my friend and keep that shit to yourself. I keep my judgments to myself, the least you could do is to do the same.

“Judge not lest ye be judged”

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