Book of Face: Ch. 2, Verses 4-12

“Infinite Receptivity”

These 2 words have been flowing through my mind regularly for over a month now, and each day I feel I get a little closer to truly understanding them, and a little closer to truly living them.
The idea to me is that to truly live our lives to the fullest we must be open to the events and people that come our way.
It’s like the collision of particles and flows of energy. If we remain still and closed to the world, we will remain so. But if we move and open ourselves up to whatever comes our way, allow ourselves to change and grow we will become better versions of ourselves.

Just as hydrogen is important to the world, life could not survive without H2O.
It’s the connections we make that are important.The way in which I received these words is testament enough. The person who gave them to me I do not know, I don’t know his name, his age, where he is from. In fact I will most likely never see him again (and if I did I might not even recognize him). But in a moment of chance we came together while viewing a painting. While observing this we were awash is realizations, like a flood of knowledge though our third eye. We were both open to the moment. We both walked away changed beings, and after an encounter that may have lasted only 20 minutes.
Be open to every moment, because every moment is a divine moment.

“No Man is an Island”

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