Book of Face: Ch 1, Verses 13-21

“Home is where the heart is.”

Currently my heart resides at “No fixed address”
That’s right ladies and gentlemen I am officially homeless (does that mean I’m also heartless?) I have now joined the transient class of society, a Gypsy if you will. While I imagine this would be a scary situation for most I find myself strangely exhilarated by this new stage in my life. Somewhat liberated. In fact I think everyone should give it a try at least once in their life (as circumstance permits).

This experience has already taught me some important things about my life…
1st (and most important): I am extremely blessed to have such amazing individuals in my life. Friends that will give me shelter when needed, & love at all times. Who will pull an all-nighter to help me move at 5am, with no qualms. Thank you!
2nd: My faith in the divine plan for my being is justified. The belief that the universe will provide what is needed for my optimal life path and the fulfillment of my self.Now the question remains…
If I have no home, where is my heart?

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